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Run to your Father's arms and nestle in His bosom!

Run to your Father's arms and nestle in His bosom!

(James Smith, "Comfort for Christians!") LISTEN to Audio! Download Audio

"Be still, and know that I am God!" Psalm 46:10

This is God's message to His people--even during the most terrible convulsions of nature, the most cruel wars, and the most painful trials! The Lord reigns and works, even in the most dreadful circumstances.

The Lord is constantly doing His will, and accomplishing His purposes, and He never forgets His promises.

Be childlike. Run to your Father's arms and nestle in His bosom!

Realize safety in your Father's love and power. He will tenderly . . .

  hold you in the hollow of His hand,

  hide you under His wings, and

  carry you in His bosom as the shepherd does the lamb.

"Be still," for though painful at present, your trial will soon be over. Know that God is supreme and works all things after the counsel of His own will. Know that God never loses sight of you, or forgets your frame and your weakness. Exercise patience, relieve your burdened heart by prayer, and wait in full expectation of a blessing.

As the darkest cloud often bears the most fruitful shower--so the darkest circumstances often usher in the choicest mercies. Only . . .

  yield yourself to God,

  keep close to the loving heart of God,

  and submit to the will of God.

Then you will be able to . . .

  carry any cross,

  bear any trial, or

  endure any affliction!

Be silent, be calm, be still--the Lord rules as King forever!

Do not complain, for it will displease the Lord.

Do not murmur, for it will grieve Him.

Do not fear, for it will dishonor Him.

Instead be still, for your safety is provided for.

Be still, for your needs shall be supplied.

Be still, for all things shall work together for your good.

Be still, for God bids you and all will end well.

Take me into Your nearness, dear Lord, and help me to be still.

Calm my foolish fears and my fearful imaginations.

In all of life, help me, O Lord, to be still.

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