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Look upon me!

Look upon me!

(James Smith, "Food for Hungry Souls")  LISTEN to Audio!  Download AudioHumble hearts prize small mercies, and in their prayers they often ask for very simple things. A word or a look from God, or a ray of light from their heavenly Father's loving countenance--is at times, all that they can venture upon asking. It was a sweet prayer presented by the Psalmist, when he cried, "Look upon me, and have mercy on me--as You always do to those who love Your name." Psalm 119:132The Lord has looked upon His people . . .  in their natural state, and pitied them;  when under conviction of sin, and pardoned them;  when in sadness and sorrow, and comforted them;  when in confusion and perplexity, and directed them;  when in trouble and trial, and delivered them;  when in need, and supplied them;  when in danger, and shielded them;  when passing along the last stage of their journey at death, and received them!Yes, the eye of the Lord has ever been on His people,His hand has been open to supply them, andHis heart has rejoiced over them, to do them good."Look upon me!" Look, and have mercy, for I am sorely tried. Look, and sympathize with me, for I am greatly troubled. Look, and strengthen me, for I am very feeble. Look, and encourage me, for I am full of fears. Look, and be a Father unto me, for I long to be treated as one of Your children. Look upon me, as you did on Peter--and break my heart, for I have sinned. Look upon me, as you did on Gideon--and give me courage, for like him, I am timid and very fearful. Look upon me, as you did on Israel--and deliver me, for I also am in difficulty and danger.It is God's custom to look upon, and  to deal tenderly and graciously with those who love His name; therefore we may plead with Him to deal mercifully with us.We are brought to where we need mercy;then we prize mercy;then we cry for mercy.Then the Lord looks upon us; and then we receive mercy!Beloved, do you ever pray thus? Are you satisfied with the portion of God's poor and afflicted people? The poorest saint, is better off than the richest sinner! The most afflicted believer, is happier than the healthiest and most prosperous unbeliever. One merciful look from the Lord, will turn . . .  a prison, into a palace;  a dungeon, into a paradise; and  a chamber of sickness, into the vestibule of Heaven!

Oh may we gaze upon Your cross,Until the wondrous sightMakes earthly treasures seem but dross,And earthly sorrows light!

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