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God's perfections and glorious attributes!

"The Lord Almighty is with us! The God of Jacob is our fortress!" Psalm 46:7

"If God is for us, who can be against us?" Romans 8:31

Who can prevail against us? Who can really injure us? Let us daily think of God's glorious perfections, and view them as engaged for us at all times.

His power is engaged to support, defend, and strengthen us.

His omniscient eye is constantly upon us, watching over us for good.

His omnipresence is our safeguard from all our foes, for no one can come and find our God absent from us.

His justice and righteousness shine in all His dealings with us, and are like lofty mountains round about us.

His holiness shines in all His purposes and plans, and forbids the thought that He will act unsuitably towards us.

His mercy is ever great towards us, and by it He sympathizes with us in all our sorrows, griefs, and woes.

His goodness will constantly supply us, and is sufficient to fill us with admiration and astonishment.

His truth renders certain, every promise He has given and recorded in His Word.

His immutability bears us up and bears us on, confirming our faith and hope in His Word.


His wisdom frustrates the designs of our foes, and arranges and manages all for our welfare.

His eternity is the date of our happiness, and the duration of our unspeakable blessedness!

Here is enough to . . .

  engage our thoughts,

  overflow our minds, and

  forever fill us with adoration and praise!

What a God is Jehovah! And Jehovah in Jesus, is ours!

How cheering this fact, and what sweet support it yields to the mind--to meditate on God's perfections and glorious attributes, seeing them all in Jesus--and in Him, engaged for our present and everlasting welfare!

What could shake our minds, if we did but firmly believe that God's omnipotence is engaged to defend us to the uttermost?

What could tempt us to commit any known sin, if we were realizing that God's omniscient eye is ever upon us; yes, that God is present with us, and that He is our sin-hating Father?

What could lead us into murmuring and rebellion, if we were fully persuaded that God's holiness and justice are for us, and will shine resplendent in all His dealings with us?

What could lead us to think that our prayers would not be answered, nor our petitions be regarded--if our minds were influenced by the assurance that God is truth?

How could we believe that He would ever turn against us, if we rightly viewed His immutability?

Or, how could we think that our affairs could be disordered, if we felt satisfied that His wisdom was working for us at all times!

"The Lord Almighty is with us. The God of Jacob is our fortress!" Psalm 46:7

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